The updates below are related to a Monthly Users Group Meeting that occurred on January 11, 2019. Our meetings occur on the second Wednesday of each month.  To join future monthly meetings, contact the GlobalNOC Business Operations team.

The first of our Monthly Users Group Meeting occurred almost a month ago on January 11.   We are looking to expand and improve our communication with the wider GlobalNOC community and these meetings offer an opportunity for the group to receive updates and provide input directly to our staff.  This is only the beginning of what we look to accomplish in our wider User Group efforts.

In this presentation, our GlobalNOC Systems teams provided a detailed update on our software and services roadmap with the objective to:

  • describe the themes we are using to look at enhancement work we are considering for 2019
  • introduce the set of efforts we are considering
  • begin a dialog to get user’s thoughts and ideas
  • solicit ideas for more ways to share & evolve the roadmap

Throughout the presentation, we were able to focus on user empowerment, improved insights, and agile operations.  The updates included improvements to our current toolset as well as new tools we are considering.  Among the topics covered under these categories were an approach to flow analysis, a customer portal for engaging with end users, and a monitoring overhaul to move from alarms to events.

Due to the nature of the content of this video, we are not able to share the link to this presentation publicly.  If you would like to view the video or the accompanying slides, you can contact the GlobalNOC Business Operations team.