Network portals, customer portals, and public dashboards have become increasingly important as demand for transparency about the health of a network  has increased.  We have received a few different requests recently to address this need.  We are working with our User Group to evaluate some of the ways in which we can develop these portals to address this growing demand.  We kicked off our efforts earlier this week during our Monthly User Group Meeting and we look forward to continuing the efforts in our first formal User Focus Group.

What are User Focus Groups?

Since this is our first User Focus Group, it is important to highlight the features of focus groups.  Anyone from within our client’s organizations are allowed to participate in the User Group but there can be an overwhelming amount of people that attend the wider meeting.  User Focus Groups are a smaller subset of participants that are focused on a specific topic.

Each group will provide guidance to GlobalNOC teams as they work to either develop new resources, update existing tools, and adjust process and procedure to meet the community’s needs.  The logistical details of how and when to discuss the topic will be defined by the focus group.  We want each group to be able to define what is needed to accomplish their goals.

Network Portals Focus Group

In the Network Portals Focus Group, our goal is provide direction to GlobalNOC Systems teams as they work to develop network portals.  This could include either internally or externally used network portals.  We want to ensure that we consider all of the components necessary for our users to be able to best utilize our portal framework.  This includes what type of portals we should develop, the types of data we should include, and accessibility for customizing the portals.

We received a good amount of feedback on Wednesday this week and will work to continue the discussion with this focus group.  A list of group members has been compiled based on volunteers from various meetings, but we welcome more participants.  If you would like to participate in the focus group, please contact the GlobalNOC Business Operations Team.

As the group meets and substantial updates become available, we will provide updates below in a running log.   To get a glimpse at the starting point for our efforts, you can review the GlobalNOC Network Portals: Concept white paper.  In this paper, Ed Balas, our Senior Manager of Network and Security Analysis Platforms discusses our drivers in more detail and some of the potential resources we have available today.

Network Portals Updates

An initial proposal has been sent to the members of the network portals focus group with a review by date of 2019/08/05.  The GlobalNOC Project Management team has been engaged to assist in the initial development and deployment of this proposal.

We have received feedback at various opportunities and have compiled that input into a Slack channel.  Group members have been engaged to being participation.  A doodle poll has gone out looking for the first meeting date with the hope of capturing the first list of goals for the team.

More updates will be added as they become available.