Our third annual members meeting, now known as GlobalNOC Connects, will take place virtually over Zoom on October 19-20. The event is a chance for our members to build community, give feedback on GlobalNOC processes and operations, and present and receive training on a variety of R&E networking topics. Attendance is free. 

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Why did we change the name? Our annual members meeting, what you’ve come to know and love as GlobalNOC Days, will now be known as GlobalNOC Connects. The new name reflects our renewed commitment to work together to meet the needs of our partners—to connect—and to build community within the realm of R&E networks.

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Day 1

October 19, 2021

(All times are Eastern Standard Time.)


Welcome remarks


GlobalNOC restructure, roadmap, and yearly priorities

  • Marianne Chitwood, executive director, GlobalNOC client services
  • Luke Fowler, executive director, GlobalNOC software and network engineering
  • Dave Jent, associate vice president, networks, Indiana University

To kick off GlobalNOC Connects, GlobalNOC’s leadership will present on the changes that have taken place this year and provide an outlook for what the future holds for the GlobalNOC. This will include sharing details on the organization restructuring announced in July 2021 as well as highlighting the organization priorities for the coming year.




GlobalNOC software roadmap

  • David Ripley, director, GlobalNOC software and systems

Each year the GlobalNOC software and systems team works to develop a software roadmap defining priorities for the coming year. This roadmap is influenced by community input, GlobalNOC’s yearly goals, and our internal development life cycle. During this presentation, we will be reviewing elements of the current software roadmap, highlighting planned directions and focus areas, and explaining how they align with GlobalNOC priorities and customer input.




What’s new at GlobalNOC?

The last three years have brought many changes to the GlobalNOC as we progressed through the GlobalNOC Renewal Program (GRP), a worldwide pandemic, and an organization restructuring. One of our greatest accomplishments during these times is the creation of new GlobalNOC roles that are designed to improve our intimacy and provide value to our community. This presentation will focus on highlighting these new roles and explaining how to best take advantage of the benefits they provide.




GlobalNOC leadership panel

Do you have a question you’d like to ask GlobalNOC’s leadership? Do you want to hear more about our vision for the future of GlobalNOC? Well, have we got a session for you! During this session, GlobalNOC’s leadership team will be answering all of your outstanding questions that haven’t been answered during the previous sessions. Anyone is welcome to ask questions!




Happy hour hangout: time to open the treat box we mailed to you!

Day 2

October 20, 2021

(All times are Eastern Standard Time.)


Welcome remarks and housekeeping updates


NOAA notification work

  • Ian Holtson, GlobalNOC service desk supervisor

Community notifications to affected (or potentially affected) customers is a major part of the GlobalNOC service desk’s role in supporting the GlobalNOC community. We have been working with many networks to update and improve their process to engage with their members most effectively. N-Wave’s work to implement a self-service notification system utilizing service IDs to identify and notify on service-based events is a prime example of those efforts. In this session, we will review N-Wave’s notification process to highlight ways in which we can work together to improve your network’s notifications.




Integrating tools with CRM solutions

The GlobalNOC community has often expressed a desire to integrate the GlobalNOC toolset (such as the GlobalNOC DB) with CRMs such as Salesforce and Dynamic 365. These kinds of integrations can enable consistency of customer contact (and other data) across network management systems and tools used by business development or other customer units. During this GlobalNOC-facilitated panel, customers are invited to discuss their data synchronization needs and the systems they’re using, share approaches and challenges, identify commonalities and differences across customer domains, and help GlobalNOC understand how we might facilitate integration efforts.




Customer portals

  • Dan Doyle, GlobalNOC manager of network data collection and analysis

Providing network customers with direct access to information about their services and the state of the network is an important part of any network engagement strategy. GlobalNOC has been working over the last couple of years to continuously improve and expand our portal options to help get network customers the information they need on demand. In this session, we will be looking at GlobalNOC portals that our community have worked with our teams to develop and highlight ways in which you can get involved to help us develop portals for your customers.




Network automation @ GlobalNOC

  • A.J. Ragusa, GlobalNOC manager of network automation and performance

Network Automation has been at the forefront of the GlobalNOC’s initiatives since it was identified as a priority during the GlobalNOC Renewal Program (GRP). We have continued to grow and expand as we have transitioned out of GRP and developed a robust automation program. During this session, we will be looking at the automation developments that have taken place over the last year. We will also highlight various ways in which the community has used network automation tools to support their network.




Lightning topics/open mic


Closing remarks

Date(s) - 10/19/2021 - 10/20/2021
12:00 pm - 5:00 pm